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The Wolff Manufacturing Company

The "W" in WTC Machinery stands for Wolff Manufacturing Company. Founded in California in 1964, Wolff became the best-known brand name in the field of undercarriage repair and hydraulic component testing equipment.

Between 1973 and 1993, the company shipped roughly 500 Wolff track presses, 750 Wolff impact wrenches, 55 Wolff hydraulic diagnostic centers and 99 hydraulic cylinder repair benches. As a result, almost every dealer in the world that uses undercarriage repair equipment has one or more machines manufactured by Wolff.

In 1998, consolidation brought Wolff Manufacturing Company together with other two global leaders in heavy equipment repair machinery, Trackmaster and Centurion. The result was WTC Machinery. In 2008 WTC acquired Mattson Technologies, another leading manufacturer of heavy equipment repair machinery.

Wolff Manufacturing was a global pioneer in undercarriage repair equipment and hydraulic component testing equipment. For proof, you only need to look at the multitude of vintage Wolff track presses still hard at work in heavy equipment repair facilities throughout the world today.

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