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HCRS-1C Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Stand

The HCRS-1C Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Stand provides a stable platform for disassembling, servicing and reassembling hydraulic cylinders. The HCRS-1C provides hydraulic assist to remove and reinstall the piston assembly, and a full set of clamps and supports to safely service only rod eye hydraulic cylinders.

Using the self-contained hydraulic system, the HCRS-1C removes and re-installs piston keeper nuts with torque up to 20,000 ft-lbs (27,100 N-m), and removes and installs piston rods with a force up to 28,860 lbs.

Model Specifications

Maximum Cylinder Weight:
8,000 lbs (3650 kg)
Maximum Cylinder Barrel Diameter:
20 in (0.76 m)
Maximum Cylinder Length:
120 in (3.04 m) *
Maximum Rod Eye Width:
8.8 in (225 mm)
Maximum Piston Nut Width (Across Flats):
6.3 in (162 mm)
Piston Extraction Force:
20,400 lbs (9270 kg-F)
Piston Insertion Force:
24,900 lbs (11320 kg-F)
Maximum Torque:
20,000 lb-ft (27,100 N-m)

*Unlimited with extensions

Electrical Specifications

Power Requirements:
2 Hp (1.5 kW )
Standard Voltages:
120V / 60 Hz
220V / 50 Hz
230V / 60 Hz
Single Phase