Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Bench - Heavy Duty
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HCRS-4P – Heavy Duty Cylinder Repair Bench

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The HCRS-4P Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Bench is a complete solution for disassembly, servicing and reassembly of hydraulic cylinders. The HCRS-4P offers 50,000 lb-ft (67790 N-m) high-torque and 3,000 lb-ft (4060 N-m) high-speed (30 rpm) nut turning. Standard trunnion pins and optional sockets, adjustable nut runner and hex plates adapt the HCRS-4P to practically every type of hydraulic cylinder. The powerful hydraulic assist, full set of clamps and supports makes removal and reinstallation of the piston assembly easy.

Longer cylinders can be accommodated with optional bed extensions, and the Mobile Hydraulic Cylinder Test Stand allows testing the cylinder after rebuilding for a complete service system.



Maximum Cylinder Weight: 12,000 lbs (5450 kg)
Maximum Cylinder Barrel Diameter: 26 in (0.66 m)
Maximum Cylinder Length: 120 in (3.04 m)
Maximum Rod Eye Width: 15 in (380 mm)
Maximum Piston Nut Width (Across Flats): 9 in (230 mm)
Piston Extraction Force: 37,700 lbs (17140 kg-f)
Piston Insertion Force: 37,700 lbs (17140 kg-f)
Maximum Torque: 50,000 lb-ft (4060 N-m)


Power Requirements: 5 Hp (3.8 kW )
Standard Voltages: Three Phase
  208V / 60 Hz
  220V /50 Hz
  230V /60 Hz
  385V / 50 Hz
  415V / 50 Hz
  460V / 60 Hz