250T Portable Pin Press | Hydraulic Pump Or Electric
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MPP250 - 250 Ton Portable Pin Press

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The MPP250 Portable Pin Press is the big brother to WTC Machinery’s FP100 and MPP150

As with the MPP150, the MPP250 pin press also features a tie rod design and is suited to service excavators and bulldozers up to a Caterpillar D11, Komatsu 475 or comparable large machinery. With the full range of tooling, the MPP150 pin press can service track style chains with pin diameters ranging from .87" (22,0mm) up to 3.55" (89,9mm).

This press is available without a hydraulic pump, or with Electric 115V or 220V (50 or 60 Hz and CE certified), or Air powered. 

For safety during use, a lifting sling (engineered specifically for use with this press) a safety blanket (to protect from possible flying debris) are also available. Due to the sheer size of this press a box is not an option but there is a custom travel skid with optional cover for safe and secure storage and transportation of your MPP250 press, pump and tooling. 

Looking for a large press like this but with a c-frame design? We have you covered there too; check out our FP250 pin press.


The MPP250 is offered with a variety of hydraulic pumps to match shop and service truck power.

Supply Power Model Power
Electric 120 V 60Hz 17 Ampere 1ø MPP250-E 1 1/2 HP
Electric 220 V 60Hz 9 Ampere 1ø MPP250-220DOM 1 1/2 HP
Electric 220 V 50Hz 9 Ampere 1ø MPP250-220 1 1/2 HP
Electric 220 V 50Hz 9 Ampere 1ø MPP250-220CE 1 3/4 HP
Air 62 SCFM (1.8 m3/min) 100 psi (6.9 bar) MPP250-A 4 HP

Track Models - CAT D11, KOMATSU PC2000, D475, and all comparable tracks.
Pin diameters ranging from .87" (22,0 mm) to 3.55" (89,9 mm). All of WTC Machinery's portable presses are CE Certified. CE Pumps are available as well!