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Electric Torque Wrenches & Accessories

Torque Wrench & Accessories Track Wrenches remove and install the bolts that hold the track shoes to the track chain. Track Wrenches move along the length of a Track Press or Pad Change Station, and are a vital part of track chain service and pad changes.

WTC Machinery carriages adapt the Track Wrenches to all popular conveyor systems, and WTC carries impact-rated sockets, adaptors, extensions, and shoe nut wrenches to fit all popular track shoe bolts.

Model Type Maximum Torque
WS5E Electric Impact 5000 lb-ft (6800 N-m)
EL10000 Electric Torque Wrench 8,000 lb-ft (11,000 N-m)
Impact-Rated Sockets, Adapters, Extensions and Accessories