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Model Type Maximum Torque
WS5E Electric Impact 5000 lb-ft (6800 N-m)
EL10000 Electric Torque Wrench 7,500 lb-ft (10,200 N-m)
Impact-Rated Sockets, Adapters, Extensions and Accessories

Electric Torque Wrench & Accessories

Torque Wrench & Accessories

In order to remove the track shoes from the chain, you must first contend with the bolts. Because of the conditions that most tracked equipment operates under, this is often no easy task. At the minimum, an electric Torque Wrench is necessary to break loose and tighten the bolts, but when those bolts need to be torqued to a precise specification, you need an Electric Torque Wrench. WTC Machinery offers excellent options for bolt removal and torqueing: our EL10000 Electric Torque Wrench, and our WS5-E Electric Impact Wrench. WTC’s Track Wrench options are used in conjunction with conveyors, removing and installing the bolts that hold the track shoes to the track chain. Track Wrenches move along the length of a Track Press or Pad Change Line, and are a vital part of track chain service and pad changes.


WTC Machinery carriages adapt the Track Wrenches to all popular conveyor systems, and WTC carries impact-rated sockets, adaptors, extensions, and shoe nut wrenches to fit all popular track shoe bolts.