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About Us

Made in the USA

Your one-stop shop for well-designed, reliable Machinery, Tooling, and Parts.

WTC Machinery is THE global leader in designing and building not only machinery, but also tooling for heavy equipment repair facilities. While we are headquartered in Ixonia Wisconsin, you can find our products all around the world, both new and legacy...and with good reason.  Our products are engineered to perform, and built to last.  It's a formula that's a part of our heritage.  You see, WTC was formed from four leading manufacturers of rugged, reliable repair shop equipment. So, what dose WTC mean:

Wolff Manufacturing: The "W" in our name, Wolff is a global pioneer in undercarriage rebuilding machinery and hydraulic component testing equipment.

Trackmaster: "T" stands for Trackmaster, the original manufacturer of the John Deere proprietary track press and specialized lubrication system.

Centurion: "C" represents Centurion, the company that created and manufactured Caterpillar's proprietary track press.

Mattson: The silent "M" is Mattson, a world-class manufacturer of hydraulic presses and automatic welding equipment.

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WTC Home Building

WTC Machinery Corporation was formed in 1989, when Wolff Manufacturing purchased track repair equipment manufacturer Centurion Industries.  At this time, Centurion already owned Trackmaster company, so this purchase effectively combined the top three manufacturers of undercarriage rebuilding equipment.  In 2008, WTC Machinery acquired Mattson Technologies, another leading manufacturer of machinery for heavy equipment repair shops.

Combining those four companies has allowed WTC Machinery to move forward, and today we focus exclusively on tooling and machinery for heavy equipment repair facilities around the world.  Entering the global arena has allowed WTC to become known worldwide for our quality of both equipment and service.  We are proudly serving: North, South, Central America; Australia; Russia; Europe; Africa; and Asia - thanks to our staff of dedicated, experienced engineers, and equally dedicated, professional sales and service teams.  Everyone here at WTC is committed to your and your business.

When you partner with WTC for your machinery and tooling needs, you're not just getting our equipment, you are also receiving customized service and support fro our world-class engineering and sales teams!  Our customer service doesn't stop when your order ships, we want to ensure that you're satisfied and taken care of for years to come.  WTC Machinery is in the business of building relationships, as well as products that stand the test of time.

Undercarriage remains our prime specialty today, and we offer a complete selection of track presses and track handling machinery, welding equipment, and electric torque wrenches.  Additionally, we continue to maintain the world's largest inventory of tooling and accessories for both stationary and portable track presses.  This allows WTC to offer the shortest lead times in the industry, often less than 24 hours!  We also manufacture the highest quality cylinder repair equipment, which is essential in a number of industries, including: mining, construction, shipbuilding, and defense.

Do any of the following resonate with you?

  • Building a new, complete track shop?
  • Want to upgrade your undercarriage business with an industry-specific piece of equipment such as a hydraulic cylinder repair bench?
  • Need portable construction repair equipment for use in the field?
  • Require quick turnaround on tooling?
  • Considering new machinery, but need to sell your existing setup first?

Guess What? WTC has got you covered!  We offer solutions to all of that and more!  All of our machinery, tooling, and parts are designed to improve your efficiency, reduce user fatigue, and maximize performance and safety.

"Engineered to Perform" is much more than just our slogan... Our engineers are globally respected industry experts, and we're the only press manufacturers in the world with an ongoing research and development program in the field.

"Built to Last" - this is simply a fact!  WTC has a legacy of enduring quality.  For instance, the frames on ALL track presses are fully welded, not bolted together like presses from other manufacturers.  Why does that matter?  Well, it means that they can take a beating and won't rattle loose as time goes on...and by time, we really mean time!  Not 5 years, not even 10 years...We're talking decades.  In fact, we have track presses in operation that are more than (5) five decades old and still fully functioning and going strong!

Located in Ixonia, WI USA, WTC Machinery is proud to be the leading supplier of undercarriage repair equipment and other heavy equipment repair shops, not only in the United States, but worldwide.