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Centurion Industries

The "C" in WTC Machinery represents Centurion Industries. In 1985, Centurion purchased the Trackmaster Company, manufacturer of the John Deere Corporation's preferred track press. In 1987, Centurion also began manufacturing Caterpillar's proprietary track press. Over the next several years, Centurion's engineers developed a faster hydraulic system for the Caterpillar track press, and in 1991 the company made the equipment available to all undercarriage repair facilities. The industry reaction to the Centurion track press was overwhelmingly positive.

Then, in 1998, consolidation brought together Centurion Industries, the Trackmaster Company and another global leader in undercarriage repair facility equipment, Wolff Manufacturing. The result was WTC Machinery. In 2008 WTC acquired Mattson Technologies, another leading track press manufacturer.

Today, countless numbers of those original Centurion track presses are still working hard, in many of the world's hardest-working track repair facilities. And we still service and maintain those presses with fully trained field staff.

For Centurion maintenance information, give us a call or email us at