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WTC-385 Ton Track Press

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The WTC-385 Track Press has the high force and rock-solid components needed to work the largest of bulldozer and excavator tracks day after day, no questions asked.  Designed with a narrow frame and spacious working area, the 385T reduces fatigue while also increasing operator safety.  The setup of the track press puts heavy track parts within easy reach, and the user-friendly console configuration means all the controls are in one place. The addition of a wireless remote control on the WTC-385 offers usability and safety standards unmatched in the industry. High ram speeds, adjustable ram force, and hydraulic track hold-down clamp assure safe, rapid track disassembly and reassembly.

The WTC-385 includes an Indexing Table, High-force Winch, and 50-foot (15.2 meter) conveyor system to support and position the heaviest track chain. Adding the optional Pad Lifting Device, and the EL1000 Electric Torque Wrench eliminates the time and effort of handling track shoes, increasing efficiency.

The WTC-385 works with all popular tooling types, including the 91-Series, 93-Series and C-Style Tooling available from WTC Machinery.

  • Hydraulic Hold-Down Clamp keeps the track chain in position, prolonging tool life and avoiding track damage.
  • Safety Door assures operator safety when disassembling track.
  • Large main cylinders use low pressure for safe, economical, low-maintenance operation.
  • Jaws are securely held by tapered locks and hold down bolts. Adapters are available for all popular styles of jaws.
  • The WTC-385 accepts all popular models of tooling, with Tool Mounts that precisely adjust in all directions, which makes tooling changes fast and simple. Adjustable bronze ways maintain tooling alignment under maximum working loads.
  • The Ram Controls feature infinitely-variable forward and reverse speeds, which are the fastest in the industry.
  • The largest usable workspace among all heavy duty presses on the market.


Pressing Force: 385/350M Tons  
Piston Diameter: 14 inches (356 mm)  
Stroke: 11 inches (279 mm)  
Ram Speed: 50 Cycle 60 Cycle
Approach: 170 IPM (4,3 m/min) 188 IPM (4,7 m/min)
Pressing: 18 IPM (0,4 m/min) 21 IPM (0,5 m/min)
Return: 170 IPM (4,3 m/min) 188 IPM (4,7 m/min)


Fluid Capacity: 100 gallons (378 liters)
Pressure at Full Ram Force: 5000 psi (345 bar)
Maximum Flow Rate: 32.5 gpm (122 lpm)


Main Motor: 40 Hp (30.0 kW)
Standard Voltages: Three Phase
  208V / 60 Hz
  220V / 50 Hz
  230V / 60 Hz
  385V / 50 Hz
  415V / 50 Hz
  460V / 60 Hz