CR-11 Roller Idler Rebuilder - Without Forklifts
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CR11 Roller & Idler Rebuilder

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WTC Machinery's CR-11 Roller Idler Rebuilder is the modern, efficient way to rebuild worn idlers and rollers. The two high amperage weld heads come complete with power sources, and assure high deposition rates with both circumferential (stringer) and oscillate (cross) welding methods.

The standard power yoke tilt handles flange welding and the simple, straight-forward controls guarantee easy operator training. The high capacity wire holders, flux hopper and included flux recovery system provide uninterrupted welding for the biggest jobs.

The optional Jib Crane, "J" Hooks and Lifting Tongs allow the CR-11 to work without forklifts or building cranes, and the optional Water System avoids bore shrinkage when welding assembled rollers.

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Why is the dual head CR11 so efficient?

  • Efficiency
    • Two heads are better than one.  Gets the job done in half the time.
  • Head Control
    • With different head control options the service style is up to you
  • Automatic Flux Recovery
  • 45 Degree tilt for inner welding



  Weight Width Height Length
Main Welder 5000 lbs(2270 kg) 90 in (2.3 m) 130 in (3.3 m) 80 in (2.0 m)
Power Supplies (x2) 800 lbs(370 kg) 24 in (0.7 m) 36 in (0.9 m) 42 in (1.1 m)
Flux Recovery Pump 200 lbs(90 kg)   30 in (0.8 m) 37 in (1.0 m)
Water Cooling System(Optional) 150 lbs(70 kg) 15 in (0.4 m) 27 in (0.7 m) 30 in (0.8 m)

Operating Temperature Range: 40° to 110° (4° to 43° C)


Maximum Weight: 2,000 lbs (910 kg)
Maximum Diameter: 52 inches (1320 mm)
Maximum Width: 26 inches (660 mm)

Machine Supply

Compressed Air Requirements: 80 to 120 p.s.i (5.5 to 8.3 atm) - 5.0 ft3/min (0.15 m3/min)


Flux Pump Type: 2-Lobe "Roots Type
Flux Hopper Capacity: 4900 in3 (81 liters)
Power Requirements: 1½ Hp 1.1 kW


Two welding power supplies. Power requirements - (26.0 kVA each)

  Output Voltage* Current
Maximum Current 600 Amperes 230 Volts 108 Amperes Each
Maximum Voltage 60 Volts 380 Volts 67 Amperes Each
Duty Cycle 100% 460 Volts 54 Amperes Each

*Other voltages available


Voltage*: 230 Volts 380 Volts 460 Volts
Current: 5.4 Amperes 3.0 Amperes 2.7 Amperes

*Other voltages available


Two pay-out packs – Capacity sized for all popular welding wire barrel containers.

Maximum Wire Barrel Capacity: 24 in. (628 mm)
Minimum Wire Barrel Capacity: 6 in (152 mm)
Maximum Wire Barrel Weight: 1200 lb (540 kg)

*Other voltages available

Water Cooling System (Optional)

Used in roller service, the Water Cooling System transfers heat from the roller currently being welded to the next roller to be welded. This eliminates bore shrinkage, and shortens pre-heat time. The included Adapter Kit allows use with most undercarriage types.

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