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Track Press | Stationary 

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Heavy construction and mining equipment is ruggedly made to withstand the demands of the job, but we know that there are wear items that are designed to be replaced in order to maintain the longevity of the machine as a whole.  WTC Machinery has the answer to the tough job of replacing those worn track pads and shoes, as well as performing pin and bushing turns.  We offer a full line of Stationary Track Presses that makes track repair much more efficient and safer for the mechanic. 

Here at WTC Machinery, we take pride in the durability and longevity of our track repair machines, and as a matter of fact, we have legacy equipment that is decades old, and still fully functioning out in the field!  Our machines are engineered to perform, and built to last, right here in the USA!

WTC offers 200, 400, and 385 Ton Stationary Track Presses, ensuring the perfect press for your track repair needs.

WTC is the industry leader in the development and refinement of this type of heavy machinery repair equipment, and we stock many replacement parts and tooling, so our customers aren't left waiting around.

Stationary Track Presses Pressing Force Works Up To Winch Motor

200T Track Press

200/182M Tons Up to 9.5" Pitch 9,000 LBS 20 HP
 400 Tons   12,000 LBS  25HP
WTC-385 Track Press
385/350M Tons Up to 14" Pitch 12,000 LBS 30 HP
Mini Luber        
Seal Test Lubricator        
Auto Luber        
Additional Items
 Pad Lifting Device      
 Track Winder      




Stationary Track Presses By Ton

200 Ton Track Press

200 tons of pressing force works tracks up to and beyond 91/2” pitch.

385 Ton Track Press

385 ton high force track press with rock-solid components needed to work the largest bulldozer and excavator tracks daily.

400 Ton Track Press

The 400 ton track press is the newest release with a new design press frame that is lighter and more cost effective.