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Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Benches

Hydraulic Cylinder Bench WTC offers three Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Benches, from the space-saving SCRS to the do-it-all HCRS-4P. All provide sturdy, long-lasting support structures and high capacity nut torquing. The HCRS-1C has powered piston extraction, while the HCRS-4P adapts to practically every construction and mining cylinder.

Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Stand

Model Max. Torque Cylinder Length Nut Size Powered Extraction
SCRS 20,000 lb-ft 109 in (2.76 m) 6.3 in (162 mm) No
HCRS-1C 20,000 lb-ft 120 in (3.04 m) 6.3 in (162 mm) Yes
HCRS-4P 50,000 lb-ft 120 in (3.04 m) 9.0 in (230 mm) Yes