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Hands Free Pin Pusher

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Additionally, WTC Machinery offers a HFPP hands-free option. If you have a couple pieces of small equipment or are just getting started in the undercarriage business this is a great way to add a service with a smaller investment up front. The Hands Free Pin Pusher clamps securely onto the shoe, and the mechanic then uses a sledgehammer to “push” the pins out allowing a single mechanic to remove pins without hydraulic power
This device is very easy to use and can be set up in under a minute. Using the included clamp, the HFPP is attached to the track pad aligned with your master pin allowing the user to swing the sledgehammer fully with confidence and safety. No need for two operators, one to hold the punch and one to swing the sledgehammer.
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The Hands Free Pin Press (HFPP) package consists of:

  • Hands free punch for pin diameters of 2 1/8” and up 1” tool and tool holder
  • Hands free punch for pin diameters of 1 ½”to 2 1/8” 5/8” tool and tool holder
  • Hands free punch  for pin diameters of ¾” to 1 1/8” tool and tool holder
  • Heavy U-Clamp