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Small Cylinder Repair Stand

SCRS - Small Cylinder Repair Stand - Hydraulic Cylinder Servicer

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The SCRS Small Cylinder Repair Stand provides a stable platform for servicing hydraulic cylinders. The SCRS is a space-saving option for hydraulic cylinder disassembly and nut-busting on small and medium rod eye style hydraulic cylinders. The unique frame design allows barrel storage on top of the unit, making the maximum use of available shop space.

Using the self-contained hydraulic system, the SCRS loosens and tightens piston nuts up to 20,000 lb-ft (27,100 N-m).



Maximum Cylinder Weight: 8,000 lbs (3650 kg)
Maximum Cylinder Barrel Diameter: 11.5 in (292 MM)
Maximum Cylinder Length (collapsed): 109 in (2.76 m)
Maximum Rod Eye Width: 8.8 in (225 mm)
Maximum Piston Nut Width (Across Flats): 6.3 in (162 mm)
Maximum Torque: 20,000 lb-ft (27,100 N-m)


Power Requirements: 2 Hp (1.5 kW )
Standard Voltages:
  120V / 60 Hz
  220V / 50 Hz
  230V / 60 Hz
  Single Phase
  Other voltages are available upon request.
Repair Stands & Benches

Medium Duty

The HCRs-1C Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Stand provides a stable platform for disassembly, servicing and reassembling hydraulic cylinders.

Heavy Duty

The HCRS-4P Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Bench offering 50,00 lb-ft high-torque and 3,000 lb-ft high-speed nut turning.