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Grouser Welders 

The WTC Machinery CG-4 Grouser Welder allows a single operator (even an entry level operator!) to quickly restore worn grouser cleats to their original size.  This provides a cost-effective option to scrapping those worn track shoes. The CG-4 features integrated cut-off stations, high clamping force, and full-penetration welding for good-as-new grouser cleat replacement.

Three stations which include: one cutting station and two welding stations
72 kW - (1) DC1000


CR10 Roller & Idler Rebuilder

WTC Machinery's CR10 Roller & Idler Rebuilder is the modern, efficient way to rebuild worn idlers and rollers. The two high amperage weld heads come complete with power sources, and assure high deposition rates with both circumferential (stringer) and oscillate (cross) welding methods.

The standard power yoke tilt handles flange welding and the simple, straight-forward controls guarantee easy operator training. Features including the high capacity wire holders, flux hopper, and included flux recovery system, provide uninterrupted welding for even the biggest jobs.

The optional Jib Crane, "J" Hooks and Lifting Tongs allow the CR10 to work without forklifts or building cranes, and the optional Water System avoids bore shrinkage when welding assembled rollers.

Maximum Work piece Weight:
2000 lbs (910 kg)
Maximum Work piece Diameter:
52 inches (1320 mm)
Maximum Work piece Width:
26 inches (660 mm)
Welding Torches:
2 x 600 Amps
Wire Barrel Size:
Weight - 2 x 1,200 lb (540 kg)
Outside Diameter:
24 in (628 mm)
Will also work with 120 lb wire spools
Electrical Supply:
77 kW - (2) DC600's
Standard Voltages:
Three Phase
208V / 60 Hz
220V / 50 Hz
230V / 60 Hz
385V / 50 Hz
415V / 50 Hz
460V / 60 Hz

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CR14E Heavy Idler Welder CR14E Heavy Idler

The enormous CR14E is designed to handle idlers larger than seven feet in diameter (2.1m) and as heavy as seven tons (6.350 kg). For years, operators of large excavators have faced a choice between hand rebuilding or purchasing expensive replacements for worn idlers and drive tumblers. Now, however, the gigantic CR14E takes this process to an unprecedented new level: it allows operators to quickly, easily, and accurately rebuild the rolling stock for large track machines!

East Flange Welding:

Like the CR10, the CR14E incorporates two high amperage weld heads, each with its own power source. These assure high deposition rates with both circumferential (stringer) and oscillate (cross) welding methods. It also features a standard power yoke that tilts up to 45 degrees in both directions, to facilitate flange welding.

Spacious Work Platform:

The CR14E's roomy platform provides a safe, comfortable working space that swings out of the way when not in use. The system includes the gear to clamp, position, and drive the idler, to feed and power two welding heads, and to deliver shielding flux. The simple, straightforward controls guarantee easy operation.

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Machine Dimensions:
236 inches (6.0 m)
175 inches (4.4 m)
188 inches (4.8 m)
17,000 lbs (7730 kg)
Idler Dimensions:
Maximum Weight:
14,000 lbs (6350 kg)
Maximum Diameter:
84 inches (2.1 m)
Maximum Width:
22 inches (0.56 m)

Flux Core Wire Equipment 

WTC is the leader in roll formed Flux-Cored Welding Wire manufacture. The core product is the Roll Forming Mill, which transforms flat strip steel and flux powder into welding wire. WTC offers two standard products the RFM-17, which makes wire in the 0.156" to 0.093" (4,0 to 2,4 mm) range, and the RFM-26, for the 0.078" to 0.062" (2,0 to 1,6 mm) range.

The Flux Feeder is closely allied to the Roll Form Mill - this accurately dispenses the powder fill into the center of the wire as it is being made on the Roll Forming Mill.

Other related equipment dispenses and cleans the steel strip, draws the formed wire through a diamond sizing die, and accumulates the finished wire on a variety of storage containers.

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Track Link Welders Track Link Welder

Here we provide an alternative to replacing expensive track links. Along with Track Presses, to service pins and bushings, and Grouser Welders, to rebuild the track pads, Track Link Welders form part of complete track rebuilding.

Both models of Track Link Welders feature easy set-up and operation, large consumable capacity, and consistent weld quality.

Number of Torches
Electrical Supply
Two Torches
72 kW
Four Torches
150 kW
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