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WTC Machinery's CT-4 Track Link Welder features four welding torches and oscillated weld bead for rapid, economic rebuilding of worn track chain links. High consumable capacity, simple control structure and easy setup maximize working time. The CT-4 can also be equipped with vacuum flux recovery, wire brush attachment and flux carts for even more productivity.

Model Specifications

Welding Torches:
4 x 600 Amps
Wire Capacity:
4 x 500 lb (230 kg) Barrels
Optional Wire Spool Capacity:
120 lb (54 kg)
Welding Bed Length:
40 feet (12.2 meters)

Electrical Specifications

Power Requirements:
104 kVA
Standard Voltages:
Three Phase
208V / 60 Hz
220V / 50 Hz
230V / 60 Hz
385V / 50 Hz
415V / 50 Hz

CT-4 Track Link Welder