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400T Track Press

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The WTC Machinery 400T Track Press is a new release to our Stationary Track Press lineup.  It features a newly designed press frame that enables it to be lighter and more cost effective.  The 400T has been designed to run up to a D11/D475 sized track, with a pressing force of 400 tons, a capacity of 12,000 lbs, and the same trusted safety and convenience features that are standard on our 385T Track Press.

As with most of our equipment offerings here at WTC, the 400T Track Press can be used in conjunction with any of our additional components such as: torque wrenches, cylinder benches, conveyors, pad change lines, welders, or lubricators.  It can also be fully customized and used in many different component configurations, to meet the individual needs of any shop.

This press works with all popular tooling types, including the 91-Series, 93-Series and C-Style Tooling available from WTC Machinery.



Pressing Force: 400/362M Tons  
Travel: 8" (203.2 mm)  
Diameter: Ram 12" (305mm) Piston 14" (356 mm)
Ram Speed: 50 Cycle 60 Cycle
Approach: 131 IPM (3,3 m/min) 131 IPM (3,3 m/min)
Pressing: 12 IPM (0.3 m/min) 12 IPM (0.3 m/min)
Return: 235 IPM (6 m/min) 235 IPM (6 m/min)


Capacity: 12,000 lbs (5450 kg-f)


Main Motor: 25 Hp (18,65 kW)
Standard Voltages: Three Phase
  208V / 60 Hz / 66A
  220V / 50 Hz / 60A
  230V / 60 Hz / 60A
  380V / 50 Hz / 27A
  415V / 50 Hz / 30A
  460V / 60 Hz / 30A