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WS5E-3 Electric Impact Wrench

The WS5E-3 Electric Impact Wrench is an efficient, cost-effective machine used to remove and install track shoe bolts. The balanced frame and roller-bearing mounted carriage, make for easy one-person operation, while the massive, lubricated impact head, provides the power to loosen and tighten even the most stubborn track shoe bolts.  The WS5E-3 is not certified to torque bolts to a precise specification; if you require precise torqueing ability, you'll need the EL10000 Electric Torque Wrench.

WTC Machinery offers a variety of carriages to fit the WS5E-3 to all popular track presses and pad change lines, and we stock a full compliment of impact sockets, extensions, adaptors and track nut wrenches to work with the WS5E-3.   

Model Specifications

Maximum Torque:
5,000 lb-ft (6800 N-m) Intermittent
High Speed Run-Down/Loosen:
520 RPM

Electrical Specifications

Electrical Supply:
5 HP (3.7 kW)
Standard Voltages:
Three Phase
208V / 60 Hz
220V / 50 Hz
230V / 60 Hz
385V / 50 Hz
415V / 50 Hz
460V / 60 Hz