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Custom Solutions

The industry's most experienced problem-solving team.

Blueprints and Drawings WTC Machinery can help you create a complete customized track repair shop, and we may be able to customize our current equipment to meet your specific needs.

We're the only press manufacturer in the world with an ongoing program of research and development in machinery for heavy equipment repair facilities. That means our dedicated engineers are constantly working to refine and improve our time-tested equipment.

Take, for instance, our fully automated Grouser Welder. It incorporates oscillating heads, which provide greater welding strength, speed, and safety – making it the only one of its kind. Another example is our mighty Torque Wrench, the strongest and quietest one on the market today! We even engineer and manufacture our own steel skids, to ensure that our international orders arrive safely.

We offer custom design services to repair facilities with unique challenges. One example is the cost saving "flux dam," which began as a solution for a customer who wanted to minimize wasted flux. It now comes standard on our Roller Idler Rebuilder.