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Mattson Technologies and Equipment

The silent "M" in WTC Machinery is Mattson Technologies and Equipment, a world-class manufacturer of hydraulic track presses and automatic welding equipment, and a full-service software vendor for one of the most powerful engineering software systems on the market, the Solid Edge CAD system.

But it didn't start this way. Mattson Technologies and Equipment company had rather humble beginnings. Founder Everett L. Mattson, who had been a welding engineer for the Lincoln Electric Company, started Automatic Welding Company in 1951. The company's original mission was to weld structural components for local industry, employing the then-new submerged arc welding process.

However, U.S. manufacturing plants were busy with the Korean War effort, and construction machinery parts were in short supply. This was at a time when four-lane divided highways were just being constructed, and the first such highway connecting Milwaukee and the northern cities of Wisconsin was under construction. As a result, Mattson's company was called upon to rebuild parts for Caterpillar equipment on the highway project.

Even though rebuilding began as a wartime stopgap measure for crawler tractors and similar equipment, it soon became recognized as an economical means of extending the life of undercarriage parts. This news spread throughout the industry, and soon rebuilding shops began springing up all across the country. Mattson's company responded with what became a continuing effort to develop better machines to meet this demand. These included the famous Mattson automatic welder.

Then, in 2008, WTC Machinery acquired Mattson Technologies, bringing it together with three other leaders in heavy equipment repair machinery – Wolff Manufacturing, the Trackmaster Company and Centurion Industries – and making WTC the global powerhouse it is today.

Nevertheless, the dedication to innovation and improvement that's driven Mattson since the early days lives on at WTC Machinery. It's the main reason that hundreds of Mattson track presses are still in operation around the globe.

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