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The Trackmaster Company

The Trackmaster Company is the "T" in WTC Machinery. The Trackmaster track press was the proprietary John Deere track press for more than 20 years. Originally owned by the Owatonna Tool Corporation, the Trackmaster Company was sold to Centurion Industries in 1985. Centurion would go on to manufacture Caterpillar track presses from 1987 to 1991.

Then, in 1998, consolidation brought together Trackmaster, Centurion and another global leader in undercarriage repair equipment, Wolff Manufacturing. The result was WTC Machinery. In 2008 WTC acquired Mattson Technologies, another leading manufacturer of heavy equipment repair machinery.

The Trackmaster track press design set a new standard for undercarriage repair equipment, with its specialized lubrication system. Thus, today you'll find scores of Trackmasters still on the job in heavy equipment repair facilities around the world.

For Trackmaster maintenance information, give us a call or email us at