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WTC-305 Ton Track Press

With 305 tons of pressing force and standard track clamp, the WTC-305 has the muscle to work practically any track chain safely. The high-force indexer with wireless, remote controlled winch, move even the biggest chain, while rapid ram movement shortens turn-around time. Our robust design boasts 100% increased ram speeds, which greatly increase the job efficiency and turn around time for your customers. The joystick control gives the operator infinitely variable speeds; ranging from slow (to set up the tooling) to fast (when retracting the rams).

The WTC-305 comes standard with a 40 foot (12.2 meter) conveyor that can accommodate most track chains, while the optional 50 foot (15.2 meter) conveyor supports even the longest chains. Either conveyor system can be equipped with an optional Pad Lifting Device and/or EL10000 Torque Wrench.

The WTC-305 works with all popular tooling types, including the   91-Series Tooling and  C-Style Tooling, both available from WTC Machinery.

  • Hydraulic Hold Down Clamp securely holds the track chain in position, preventing tool and track damage.
  • Safety Door with pressure reducing switch. This switch limits the pressure when the door is open.
  • Large main cylinders (not shown in picture) use low hydraulic pressure for safe, economical, low-maintenance operation.
  • Jaws are securely held by tapered locks and hold down bolts. Adapters are available for all popular styles of jaws.
  • The WTC-305 accepts all popular models of tooling, with Tool Mounts that precisely adjust in all directions and make tooling changes fast and simple. Adjustable bronze ways maintain tooling alignment under maximum working loads.
  • The Ram Controls feature two-speed ram forward and an auto-retract feature to save operator time.
  • Remote control of both winch and pad lifting (optional) operations. This keeps the operator in front of the working area so they can keep an eye on the equipment.


Pressing Force: 307/280M Tons  
Piston Diameter: 12.5 inches (317 mm)  
Stroke: 11 inches (279 mm)
Ram Speed: 50 Cycle 60 Cycle
Approach: 132 IPM (3,352 mm/min) 132 IPM (3,352 mm/min)
Pressing: 18 IPM (457 mm/min) 21 IPM (533 mm/min)
Return: 175 IPM (4,445 mm/min) 175 IPM (4,445 mm/min)


Fluid Capacity: 100 gallons (378 liters)
Pressure at Full Ram Force: 5000 psi (345 bar)
Maximum Flow Rate: 74.5 gpm (282 lpm)


Main Motor: 40 Hp (30.0 kW)
Standard Voltages: Three Phase
  208V / 60 Hz
  220V / 50 Hz
  230V / 60 Hz
  385V / 50 Hz
  415V / 50 Hz
  460V / 60 Hz