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FC Flux Crusher

The WTC Flux Crusher lets you reclaim flux slag providing for the economic reuse of sub-arc welding waste. Significant consumable cost savings are realized by mixing the reclaimed flux with new. Why buy flux when you can reclaim it?

The Model FC Flux Crusher features hardened steel crush rolls and positive belt drive for a steady crush rate. Permanent screens and two-stage metal removal maintain consistently sized quality flux. Double fans and large dust collection filter assure a clean, safe environment while crushing.

Model Specifications

Crushing Weight:
100+ lbs/hour (45+ kg/hour)

Electrical Specifications

Power Requirements:
3.5 kW
Standard Voltages:
Three Phase
208V / 60 Hz
220V / 50 Hz
230V / 60 Hz
385V / 50 Hz
415V / 50 Hz
460V / 60 Hz