MPP150 | 150 Ton Master Pin Press

Engineered to Perform.  Built to Last.

MPP150 - 150 Ton Master Pin Press

The MPP150 Master Pin Pusher has the pressing force needed to service nearly all bulldozer and excavator chains. With easy to use disassembly tools and assembly tools for all popular track types, the MPP150 quickly brings track chains back into service.

The MPP150 is offered with a variety of hydraulic pumps to match shop and service truck power.

Supply Power Model Power
Hand Pump - MPP150-H -
No Pump - MPP150 -
Electric 115 V 60Hz 17 Ampere 1ø MPP150-E -
Electric 220 V 50Hz 9 Ampere 1ø MPP150-220 -
Electric 220 V 50Hz 9 Ampere 1ø MPP150-220CE 1½ HP
Electric 220 V 60Hz 9 Ampere 1ø MPP150-220DOM 1½ HP
100psi Compressed Air 62 SCFM 1, 8m3/min @ 6,9 bar MPP150-A 1½ HP
Gasoline 4-Cycle Petrol Engine MPP150-G 4 HP

Track Models - CAT D10 & Below, KOMATSU PC800, D275 & Below, and all comparable tracks:  Click for Tooling Chart

All of WTC Machinery's portable presses are CE Certified.

CE Pumps are available as well!