MPP250 | 250 Ton Master Pin Press

Engineered to Perform.  Built to Last.

MPP250 - 250 Ton Master Pin Press

The MPP250 Master Pin Pusher is the robust big brother to WTC Machinery’s FP100 and MPP150 portable pin presses.  The MPP250 has the power to handle even the largest of track pins, including D11, D475 and PC2000 chains. 

As with the FP100 and MPP150, this portable press can be used in the field for emergency track repair on all sizes of track, or in the shop, and is specifically designed for larger pieces of equipment.  The recommended MPP250 Travel Skid provides a safe, secure and efficient way to store and transport your valuable press.

The MPP250 Master Pin Pusher uses the same tooling as the MPP150, adding value to your existing field press tooling.  All of WTC Machinery’s portable pin press is CE certified, and like its little brother, the MPP150, this one is available with multiple pump options to suit your needs.

The FP100 is offered with a variety of hydraulic pumps to match shop and service truck power.

Supply Power Model Power
Electric 120 V 60Hz 17 Ampere 1ø MPP250-E 1½ HP
Electric 230 V 60Hz 9 Ampere 1ø MPP250-220DOM 1½ HP
Electric 220 V 50Hz 9 Ampere 1ø MPP250-220 1½ HP
Electric 220 V 50Hz 9 Ampere 1ø MPP250-220CE 1½ HP
Air 62 SCFM (1.8 m3/min) 100 psi (6.9 bar) MPP250-A 4 HP

Track Models - CAT D11, KOMATSU PC2000, D475, and all comparable tracks:  Click for Tooling Chart

All of WTC Machinery's portable presses are CE Certified.

CE Pumps are available as well!