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Hands Free Pin Pusher

This is the WTC Hands-Free Pin Press or HFPP.  If you have a few pieces of machines with smaller pins this may be just the tool you need.  Like the powered portable presses, the HFPP gives you the ability to remove and install pins on smaller excavator tracks.  

This device is very easy to use and can be set up in under a minute. Using the included clamp, the HFPP is attached to the track pad that is aligned with your master pin. One mechanic can safely do the job without having to hold the sledge hammer in one hand and the punch in the other. This allows the user to swing the sledgehammer fully with confidence and safety.

If you have a couple pieces of equipment or are just getting started in the undercarriage business this is a great way to add a service tool to your truck that can keep your tracks running.  

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HFPP consists of:

  • Hands free punch for pin diameters 1.4 (36mm)” and larger
  • Medium Tool Holder for pins 1.1 (28mm)”to 1.4 (36mm)“
  • Small Tool holder for pins 0.7 (18mm)” to 1.1 (28mm)”
  • Heavy U-Clamp