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Posted on March 22, 2018

Commissioning:                   the nuts and bolts of the matter…

So, you made the decision to purchase a new piece of machinery for your track shop…Congratulations!  Oh, it was from a competitor of ours, well, still congratulations!   You’ve gone through the whole process, right?  Beginning with the quoting process and continuing on all the way through commissioning?  No?  You stopped at delivery?  Wait…they didn’t offer commissioning?  Oh…


Commissioning – What is it?

  • This is a service that we offer our customers when they purchased new or used equipment. 

  • The purpose of commissioning is to ensure that our customers have the training and knowledge to properly operate and maintain their new (or new to them) machinery. 

  • It is custom-tailored to each customer! 

  • Commissioning service can range from fully hands-on instruction for a group of people, to simply inspecting the setup and observing operation: whatever your company requires, and everything in between.

WTC Machinery believes that customer service doesn’t end when the sale is made, in fact, that’s just the beginning.  We want to be absolutely sure that our customers have every available tool at their disposal to be up and running for many years to come.  One way that we do that is by offering COMMISSIONING.  Our expert technicians travel to our customer facilities all around the world in order to make this happen.  We WANT to answer your questions and help to make sure your employees know how to properly operate and maintain the machinery that you purchase from us.  After all, proper operation and maintenance helps it to last for decades, and as your one-stop-shop for track and undercarriage tooling and repair machinery, that is a priority for us. 

Questions?  Want to find out how we can train and support your equipment?  Contact us!