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Seal Tester Lubricator

The WTC Machinery Seal Tester and Lubricator is the portable solution for testing and oiling track chain, and also services rollers and idlers. The Seal Tester and Lubricator offers a compact handle with push button controls for Vacuum Test and Oil Dispense and an easy-to-read test gauge. With large lubricant capacity and roll-around cart, the Seal Tester and Lubricator works anywhere there's compressed air.

Air Supply:
4.2 SCFM (0.11 m3/min) at 70 psi (4.83 bar)
Lubricant Capacity:
10 gallons (37.8 liters)
Dry Weight:
104 lbs (47 kg) Hz

Optional needles for lubricating track chains

Blunt Needle - normally used for CAT track
Rounded Tip - small diameter normally used on JD and Komatsu track
Sharp Tip - normally used on seals that are self-sealing (Sorefa)
Shaft of needle has two diameters and an open tip

 Reference image for needle types