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Portable Track Presses

Portable Track Presses

WTC Machinery is proud to offer you a full line of Portable Track Pin Presses! 

Our Portable Pin Presses are handy additions to any track service setup, and allow for much greater operator safety and reduced track pin replacement time.  Included in our lineup of Portable Track Pin Presses are the following: WTC Machinery FP100, WTC Machinery MPP150, WTC Machinery MP250, FP250 Heavy Duty C-Frame Press, and the WTC Machinery Hands Free Pin Pusher.

Portable Track Presses Pressing Force Works Up To Pump Motor

100 Ton D9 or Equivalent 1/2, 1 or 4HP

150 Ton D10 or Equivalent 1 or 4 HP

250 Ton D11 or Equivalent 1 or 4 HP
 FP250 - C-Frame  250 Ton D11 or Equivalent 1 or 4 HP
Hands Free Pin Pusher


Our mobile pin presses are perfect for applications where it would be impractical or even impossible to use a stationary track press, such as out in the field or when you need to replace pins but don’t need to remove the whole track.  The popular FP100 is our most portable option, and your go-to portable press for tracks up to a D9/equivalent.  The next step up would be the WTC Machinery MPP150, which is a bit bigger and can handle up to D11/equivalent.  Our third hydraulic field press option is the MPP250, which is also the largest and has the highest capacity, being able to service up to D11 sized track or equivalent.  We have recently produced our all new FP250 press, which has the same force as the MPP250, however uses a C-Frame design instead of the tie rod setup to fit custom applications or safety needs.   Additionally, we offer a hands-free option called the HFPP that allows a single mechanic to more safely remove pins without hydraulic power.  The Hands Free Pin Pusher clamps securely onto the shoe, and the mechanic then uses a sledgehammer to “push” the pins out.   

All of WTC Machinery’s Portable Pin Presses are CE Certified, so you can rest assured that they have been rigorously tested to not only meet, but to exceed the European Conformity safety standards.  Proudly manufactured in the United States, all of our Track Pin Presses are the quality that you’ve come to expect from WTC Machinery, and are built to withstand the test of time.